Dr. No Collector Figure Series Action Figure 1/6 James Bond Limited Edtion 30 cm

BIG Chief Studios

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Disponible 09/2020

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Descripción del producto

James Bond is despatched to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of a fellow British agent. The trail leads 007 to the underground base of Dr. No, who is plotting to disrupt the American Project Mercury space launch with a radio beam weapon.

BIG Chief Studios are proud to present the Dr. No Sixth Scale Character Replica Figures. From the fully realised portraits to the authentically styled, hand-tailored costumes, our artists have developed the most faithful, meticulously detailed replicas in miniature.

Officially licensed and fully authorised by EON Productions Ltd., the James Bond Sixth Scale Collector Edition Figures are produced in a worldwide numbered limited edition. The figure comes with numerous accessories including a special display base with illuminating character name plaque.


- 1 x James Bond Portrait Head Featuring Authentic Likeness of Sean Connery
- 1 x Midnight Blue Tuxedo Jacket
- 1 x Midnight Blue Pair of Trousers/Pants
- 1 x Shirt with Pleated Front
- 1 x Bowtie
- 1 x Shoulder Holster
- 1 x Pair of Socks (Partial)
- 1 x Pair of Gentlemen\'s Shoes
- 10 x Interchangeable Hands
- 1 x Display Base with Illuminating Character Name Plaque


- 1 x Cigarette Lighter
- 1 x Cigarette Case
- 1 x Cigarette
- 1 x Pistol
- 1 x MI6 issue gun case with Removable PPK Pistol
- 1 x Dealing Card Show
- 1 x Pack of Cards
- 1 x Wristwatch
- 2 x Large Poker Plaques
- 2 x Medium Poker Plaques
- 2 x Small Poker Plaques
- 3 x Stacks of Money
- 1 x Printed Display Backdrop

Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide!

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